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About the Bicycle Shack

Family Owned Since 1981

The Bicycle Shack
With 42 years helping south Kansas City and the surrounding area with their cycling needs, we still enjoy providing you with the information about riding or products that you'll need to enjoy the sport right away. Every tech at the Bicycle Shack either competes in some way in the sport, or rides many miles a year, so you'll find us to be very trained and knowledgeable about each and every product we sell.

You'll leave our store with information on when and where the best rides are, all the information you need to enjoy the ride and any accessories, or bike adjustments that you might think you need.

Free Pro Assembly and Bike Fit

At the Bicycle Shack you will never get an unassembled bike in a box. Your bike will be completely and professionally assembled, fine tuned and customized to fit your needs by one of our technicians.

Your purchase will include a visit to our Fit Station where we will check and adjust the basic's like, saddle height, Foot, Leg and Arm position for maximum riding efficiency and comfort.

Lifetime Free Adjustments

For as long as you own your adult bicycle purchased at the Bicycle Shack, our lifetime free adjustment program will make sure the fundamental systems of your bikes are operating properly. If you feel at anytime it is not working right, just bring it back to the store for immediate or same day adjustment

Repair Service built on Earned Trust

Bicycle Shack Team

Its nice to go some place where you feel "I trust these guys, they really know what they are doing". We take great pride in the quality of our quality work and want you to never second guess your decision to bring your bike in for service.

There is nothing like experience when it comes to trouble shooting a drive train problem, a creaking noise or truing a severely bent wheel. We won't be the shop that says "throw it away, it's done for." We will go the extra step, spend the extra time to assure you are getting the best repair for your money. Maybe it does need a new wheel or derailleur but when the Bicycle Shack tells you, you'll feel confident its true.

From Flats while you wait to complete overhauls, we repair all models, new and classic, dream machine or grocery store trip clunkers.

Shop Locally - with the Internet!

In-store and on our website, our goal is to provide a great shopping experience!

Thanks to the far-reaching influence of the World Wide Web, a storefront thousands of miles away is at your fingertips, which makes this an exciting time to be a consumer. Yet, while the Internet allows shopping on a global scale, surprisingly the Web may actually serve us locally best of all.

How? Well we, the retailer, now focus on two fronts: first we maintain a comprehensive selection of products at competitive prices in our store and on our website; and second, our friendly, trained and knowledgeable staff enhance your shopping and cycling experience with excellent service and expertise when you visit our store.

Our website is an excellent shopping resource!

We realize that 80% of consumers research their purchases online and we want to be your go-to resource. That's why our website displays our extensive product catalog with multiple features for fast searching and shopping. It's packed with bicycles, parts, clothing and accessories, so be sure to use us as a buyer's guide to bicycle products! Of course, we can't show everything we carry, so please call or come by if you have question about what's in stock.

At the same time, customer service remains a cornerstone to our success. We love taking the time to address every customer's need. From proper bicycle fit to finding fun group rides, to simply fixing a flat tire, we're here to support you and share our passion for all things cycling! Bike shops are great places to visit, too; they're fun, you can test products, and you're a part of a community—the cycling community.

The Internet has opened new, global avenues for us to share our cycling knowledge, excitement and products with you. But we're not just your Internet cycling resource, we're also a local, friendly face! And you'll feel good when you shop locally—you're supporting the building blocks of your community and re-investing a larger percentage of your dollar back into your local economy. So, thanks for visiting our website and drop by the store to see what's new and say hello!